admin / November 9, 2018

Tips for Sober Living

Some say that rehab is hard but it is actually the easy part. Once you are back to reality and living in the normal world, many triggers exist that you must ward off to maintain sobriety. It is not easy to live life when friends and family still participate in the same activities that you’re trying to get away from. Sober living is oftentimes stressful and strenuous, especially during the first few weeks of release from the rehab. To ensure that you keep your sobriety and don’t relapse, use the tips below to maintain your life.

Write in a Journal

Writing in a journal is a great way to relieve yourself of suppressed feelings. The journal provides a great place to freely express yourself without judgement from other people. It can make a difference in your sobriety success.

Create a Schedule

Keep yourself busy and there’s no time to think about doing drugs or alcohol. Plan the day’s agenda in advance and stick to the schedule and to the to-do list to ensure that you don’t crave the lifestyle that you’ve now forgotten.

Develop New Relationships

When you meet new people, you thrive. And, it is nice to get to know people who live their life opposite of what you may be accustomed to. This can really inspire you to do bigger and better things!

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Get a Buddy

It is much easier to break away from drugs and/or alcohol when there is a supportive person there to hold your back. Make sure you find someone that you can trust to help better maintain sober living los angeles.

Living a clean and sober life is difficult but worth the efforts. Use the information above to ensure that you win at sober living. It is possible if you put your best foot forward.