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Aristotle (/ˈærɪˌstɒtəl/;Greek: Ἀριστοτέλης [aristotélɛːs], Aristotélēs; 384–322 BC) was a Greek thinker and mortal born within the town of town, Chalkidice, on the northern fringe of Classical Ellas. His father, Nicomachus, died once philosopher was a baby, whereafter Proxenus of Atarneus became hi...

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Liu Bei

Liu Bei (Mandarin pronunciation: [li̯ou̯ pei̯]; 161 – ten June 223), courtesy name Xuande, was a military leader within the late jap Han UN agency supported the state of Shu dynasty within the 3 Kingd...

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Marcel Duchamp

Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp (French: [maʁsɛl dyʃɑ̃]; twenty eight Gregorian calendar month 1887 – a pair of Gregorian calendar month 1968) was a French, naturalized yank painter, sculptor, participant...

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born Feb seventeen, 1963), conjointly noted by his initials, MJ,is associate yankee retired basketball player. he's conjointly a man of affairs, and principal owner and chairma...

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